Cinema 10

Fall 2022 Season Schedule

All screenings are at the Roxy in downtown Potsdam and begin at 7:15pm unless otherwise indicated.

Masks are required in all Cinema 10 screenings at the Roxy.

(US, 1982, d. Steven Spielberg) 115 min. PG

***40th Anniversary Screening***

Cinema 10 kicks off its Fall '22 season with the inimitable Steven Spielberg classic, E.T. When Elliott discovers that an alien life form has landed right in his backyard, he has to help the lovable E.T. return to his home planet. “We now have the distance to see just how close to a flawless and utterly timeless a film Steven Spielberg and his collaborators crafted – one that transcended genres… to become one of the greatest and most durable of American movies.” (Lou Lumenick, New York Post). (language and mild thematic elements)

(Japan, 2021, d. Mamoru Hosoda) 121 min. PG

North Country Arts Festival event

Ives Park Outdoor film - FREE screening - 8 pm

Smoke free event

Anime lovers rejoice! Cinema 10 is pleased to partner with the SLC Arts Council and SVPC for a film inspired by Beauty and the Beast. When Suzu forges an online persona in a Virtual World known as "U," she becomes a rising pop singer known as Belle. But when her concert is interrupted by a mysterious avatar, her new found fame and confidence could be destroyed as quickly as she found it. "Belle is a beautifully observed, dazzlingly animated sci-fi fairy tale about our online-offline double lives" (Robbie Collen, The Telegraph).

(thematic content, violence, language and brief suggestive material)

(US, 2021, d. Sean Baker) 128 min. R

After Mikey’s porn career falls flat, he has to return back to his home town in order to pick up the pieces and make a new life for himself. Red Rocket is the latest from director Sean Baker, who made a name for himself with such indie gems as Tangerine and The Florida Project. The film is another funny and, at times, arresting portrait of American poverty that manages to “keep hope alive by rescuing devastation from the jaws of happiness” (David Ehrlich, IndieWire).

(strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive language)

(Denmark/France/Norway etc., 2021, d. Jonas Poher Rasmussen) 89 min. PG-13

On the precipice of marriage and ready to look ahead into the future for the first time, Amin has to come to terms with a secret he’s been holding in for over 20 years. But will the truth destroy everything he’s built, or let him finally move on? A rare mix of animation and documentary filmmaking, Flee is a true story that IndieWire’s Eric Kohn calls “cinematic catharsis.” Winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize, World Cinema - Documentary.

(thematic elements, disturbing images, strong language)

(Japan, 2021, d. Ryûsuke Hamaguchi) 179 min. NR

****start at 7:15 PM****

A moment of healing always comes when we least expect it. Such is the case for Yusuke, a renowned stage director whose creative drive has suffered since his wife’s unexpected death two years ago. But when he’s offered the chance to man the helm of a production of Uncle Vanya, Yusuke forms an unlikely friendship with his taciturn chauffeur, who shuttles him closer to the stage of acceptance. Says the LA Times’ Justin Chang, “nearly every scene… teems with ideas about grief and betrayal… [and] the possibility (and impossibility) of catharsis through art.” Drive My Car won the 2022 Oscar for Best International Feature Film.

(sexual and some violent elements, thematic elements)

(US, 2021, d. Dean Fleischer-Camp) 90 min. PG

Marcel and his grandmother are the sole survivors of a once vibrant community of shells. But when a documentary filmmaker discovers them, Marcel gets put on a path to re-discovering his long lost family. “It's easy to imagine this becoming a favorite movie for curious, creative kids and their cineaste parents — a cute, sweet, funny, imaginative tale dressed up like reality, an ode to survivors and the power of community” (Jacob Hall, SlashFilm).

(some suggestive material, thematic elements)

(Spain/France, 2021, d. Pedro Almodóvar) 123 min. R

Janis, an older photographer, and Ana, a teenager, meet by chance in the maternity ward where they give birth. What follows is "vintage Almodóvar: a skein of reversals, revelations, surprises and coincidences unraveled with style, wit and feeling" (A.O. Scott, New York Times), touched by the shadow of the Spanish Civil War. Penelope Cruz is Janis, in "one of Penelope Cruz's best performances" (Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times).

(sexuality, violence, thematic elements)

(France, 2021, d. Céline Sciamma) 73 min. PG

In this "spellbinding ghost story" (The Guardian) Nelly goes with her parents to her mother's childhood home, as they start the painful process of clearing out her grandmother's house. Wandering in the nearby woods, Nelly meets a young girl about her age who is building a treehouse. "Petit Maman is what every film should be: powerfully, even arrestingly original; grounded in emotional truth; hyper-specific; deeply universal; strange; mesmerizing; and not a minute longer than necessary" (Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post).

(thematic elements, brief smoking)

(India, 2021, d. Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh) 82 min. NR

The newspaper profiled here, Khabar Lahariya, is the only one in India run entirely by Dalit women. We follow reporters as they report important stories in their communities, contend with the transition from print to digital, and deal with difficult challenges in their personal lives. This is a "rousing, inspirational tribute to the pride of grassroots Indian journalism" (Variety).

(France, 2021, d. Audrey Diwan) 100 min. R

When Annie discovers that she's pregnant, she decides to get an abortion in order to pursue her studies and improve her station in life. But this is 1960s France, where abortion is still illegal. Happening follows one woman's journey as she goes against the law in a film that's at times difficult to watch, but impossible to ignore. Based on Annie Ernaux's novel of the same name, "Happening is ... compassionate but brutally honest, and almost breathless in its chronicle of a struggle that has obviously stayed with the author for decades." (David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter).

(disturbing material and images, sexual content, graphic nudity)

(Japan, 1979, d. Hayao Miyazaki) 102 min. NR

Hayao Miyazaki's feature directorial debut was The Castle of Cagliostro, now considered an anime classic. After Lupin III robs a casino, he and his partner discover the haul is nothing but high quality counterfeits. On the way to find the source in the nation of Cagliostro, the thieves are caught up in another adventure, rescuing Clarisse, the princess of Cagliostro from being forced to marry her cousin, the sinister Count. "A fun and visually stunning adventure" (Tracy Brown, Los Angeles Times).

(mild violence, profanity, drinking)

Our mission:

Cinema 10 has three main goals: 1) to bring films to the area which are significant artistically, socially or politically, but which generally are not popular enough in the mass market to reach our theaters, with an emphasis on current international and American independent films; 2) to increase cultural diversity in an area relatively isolated culturally and ethnically; 3) to increase the public's awareness of film as an art form.

Cinema 10 is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

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